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Neptune Blanket

$239.00 - $259.00

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This is designed to be approximately 10% of your body weight. The non-toxic, environmentally friendly glass beads provide the weight which is evenly distributed within the 7 layers of the Neptune blanket.

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The Neptune Blanket has extremely even weight distribution which applies deep pressure to give you that 'hugged' feeling in stressful situations or when you need to calm down and get some much needed rest. 

The inner blankets are made with breathable cotton filled with a superior glass bead which keeps the blankets thin, quiet, safe and fully washable. With the smallest pocket squares the industry has to offer, the weight has extremely even distribution. The outer cover is created with the softest of ultra-plush mink which is very durable so you know that your blanket will last. 

There are three available weight selections: 5kg, 7kg and 9kg.

Weight Dimensions (cms) Weight Guide
5kg 203 x 152 35-70kg
7kg 203 x 152 70-90kg
9kg 203 x 152 90kg+

Disclaimer - Please ensure that you are able to handle the weight of the blankets on your body.




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