Data Management

It's all about the data and you! Keeping track of how you are progressing with your CPAP therapy is key to making sure your therapy is optimised so you get the most out of it and feel good each day.

Know how long you have been using your CPAP machine, if there is any leakage or if the pressure has changed are all important data elements to monitor each night.

A ResMed AirSense 10 SD card is for downloading data from AirSense 10 and Lumis devices.
ResMed S9 SD cards are for downloading data from S9 CPAP machines. Available in a packs of 1 of 10.
RRP:$115.00 $99.00
ResMed S9 Oximeter Adapter monitors your blood oxygen levels on CPAP therapy to provide additional data and help assist in the quality of your treatment.