Travel CPAP Machines

Taking your sleep apnea therapy with you has never been easier with the latest travel-sized CPAP machines. They are small, lightweight, portable and make travelling with your CPAP a breeze.

Our travel sized CPAP machines come in auto and fixed pressure versions so you can choose the therapy you are most comfortable with.

We offer the latest travel sized CPAP machines from ResMed and Transcend.

You can purchase your Travel-sized CPAP machine outright by selecting a product below or you can sign up to one of our rent-to-buy payment plans for CPAP machines, offering affordable monthly payments!

Buying a CPAP machine and CPAP mask

RRP:$2,200.00 $2,050.00
* Rent-to-buy flexible payment options are available for this product. Find out more The AirMini starter kit contains all you need for CPAP therapy at home or on the go! The AirMini bundle includes AirMini APAP machine, AirFit mask, power adapter, and...
RRP:$2,300.00 $1,900.00
The Transcend 365 miniCPAP Auto machine is a really small travelling APAP machine designed for travelling and travellers. It´s one of the smallest, lightest and most portable Automatic machines on the market. Can also be used...