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Fall Asleep Faster

Are you looking to fall asleep faster when you get into bed?

Look at our range of products today that can help prepare you for bed and help you turn off your busy mind.

If you are constantly tired and experience sleepiness during the day, you might be suffering from a sleeping problem, such as sleep apnea. You can take our Free Online Health Assessment.


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    Designed to help soothe your racing mind, slow your breathing and relax your body so you can fall asleep faster.
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    Dreem2 headband



    Dreem is a headband and app that works with you to achieve that well-deserved good night's sleep. At night the headband measures your brain activity, heart rate and movements and then provides you with daily reports and sleep tips via the app.
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    Neptune Blanket

    Neptune Blanket

    $189.00 - $259.00
    This is designed to be approximately 10% of your body weight. The non-toxic, environmentally friendly glass beads provide the weight which is evenly distributed within the 7 layers of the Neptune blanket.
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    Sleep+ Ear Plugs

    Sleep + Sound blocking ear plugs for sleeping. Block the sleep disturbing noise from your sleeping environment.