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Other Products

Snoring Treatments:

If you are after an effective treatment for snoring, we have the SnoreMender anti-snoring mouthguard and Theravent snore therapy and Provent EPAP therapy to choose from. 

For Oxygen therapy:

We offer the LifeChoice Activox 4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator to buy or rent.

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    Dreem2 headband



    Dreem is a headband and app that works with you to achieve that well-deserved good night's sleep. At night the headband measures your brain activity, heart rate and movements and then provides you with daily reports and sleep tips via the app.
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    MSRP: $105.00
    Was: $105.00
    Now: $99.00
    Snoremender is a small, flexible anti-snoring mouthguard that uses Pressure Shift™ technology to support and help prevent aching teeth. <br></br>
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    Night Shift Active Lateral Sleep Device


    Night Shift Active Lateral Sleep Device

    Night Shift encourages side sleeping by determining your actual sleep position, and quietly prompting you to not move into a supine sleeping position. Which means less snoring or better therapy. <br></br>