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Nightfall Blue Light Blocking Glasses


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Advanced‚ blue and green light blocking‚ lenses designed for after-dark use. They block 99% of blue and green light. Choose from wrap-around or fit-over styles.

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These blue blocker glasses are made for people who are serious about improving their sleep. You can still see to read, watch TV or work on your computer/tablet/phone, while your sleep hormones shift to night mode.

NightFall Red Blue Blocking Glasses (wrap-around)

These glasses feature red lenses with a wrap-around fit to minimise leakage of unfiltered light, and padding on the inside to ensure a comfortable fit.

NightFall FitOver Blue Blocking Glasses

If you wear reading or prescription glasses, choose the NightFall FitOver glasses, so you can wear your prescription glasses and still obtain maximum blue and green light protection.

Choose from Red or Fitover.