Sleeping Aids

If you struggle sleeping on your side during CPAP therapy, we have a number of products to assist with positional therapy during sleep including CPAP pillows and NightShift positional therapy.

Is your sleep all out of sync? The Re-Timer glasses may be what you are looking for using light therapy to re-program your body's sleep schedule.

Re-Timer uses light therapy, to re-program your body's sleep schedule. Light therapy involves the exposure to specific wavelengths of light for a prescribed amount of time at a specific time of day to help your body adjust to a healthy sleeping pattern...
Discomfort is a major factor contributing to non-compliance during CPAP therapy. During side sleeping or stomach sleeping, the mask presses and rubs against the patient's face, which leads to discomfort and can also distort the mask, causing leaks and...
The Night Shift™ is available for either a 3 night trial or an outright purchase. Night Shift™ uses vibrotactile feedback to discourage supine sleep and treat mild to moderate sleep apnea and help reduce snoring. Night Shift...
Replacement strap only for Night Shift positioning therapy.