Machine Accessories

Make your CPAP therapy practical and convenient with our selection of CPAP machine accessories.

Whether you require a travel case or bag for your CPAP on the go or a bedside caddy to secure your AirMini, you can find your CPAP machine accessories here.

RRP:$69.00 $59.95
The ResMed AirSense 10 travel bag provides an easy solution to taking your CPAP with you. It is purpose-designed to carry your machine, humidifier, tubes, mask, and power supply in a stylish quality bag.
RRP:$88.00 $76.50
The ResMed travel bag is a premium case, able to hold your ResMed AirMini machine, mask, tubing and more, including space for your laptop.
RRP:$49.00 $42.50
A perfect solution to secure your AirMini to the bedframe, bedside table, wall or even airplane seat pocket. Not intended to be wearable.
RRP:$49.00 $42.50
The ResMed AirMini travel case is water resistant, portabl and lightweight. It fits closely around the AirMini providing protection and an every day travel solution