Batteries and Power

Holiday planned? Business trip or travelling for the weekend? Invest in a battery or power supply to ensure you can take your CPAP therapy with you, wherever you are headed.

We offer batteries and power supply units for CPAP machines from the leading manufacturers including ResMed, Philips Respironics and Fisher & Paykel.

RRP:$600.00 $549.00
The optional P10 battery can power the 365 miniCPAP and humidifier with smart power technology. Thanks to patent-pending technology you can use your CPAP and humidifier with the new P10 battery. Thoughtful design allows you to neatly stack the battery...
RRP:$169.00 $145.00
The AirMini DC/DC Converter 65W allows you to operate your AirMini from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket (12V or 24V DC power source) in a car, boat, or other vehicle equipped with a suitable battery.
RRP:$230.00 $199.00
Mobile power adapter for Transcend II CPAP machines.
RRP:$172.50 $149.00
Universal Power supply for Transcend II CPAP machines.
RRP:$77.00 $67.00
Host adapter for Transcend II CPAP machines.
RRP:$575.00 $499.00
P8 Multi-night battery for Transcend II CPAP machines.